energyFit has two levels of service.

  • energyFit Standard
  • energyFit Premium

energyFit Standard

energyFit Standard is for people who want to know how to get their energy bills as low as possible for the lowest upfront cost, however they are comfortable dealing with tradespeople and want to manage their own installation.

Under this package an energyFit Consultant will come to your home and undertakes an assessment of the construction, the fixed appliances and how you use your home. The consultant enters the information into our system and the system checks a data base of all possible options to reduce your bills. The system calculates how much each option would reduce your bill, in your home, to recommend only the best.

You will receive a report with all the recommendations, including how much each option will cost you and how much you will save. You can then find your local installers you trust.

energyFit Premium

energyFit Premium still finds the best options for you and we help manage the installation and monitoring. After you receive your report, your energyFit Consultant can talk you through the options, go and find the best quotes and organise installation. Your consultant will also monitor your energy use for 3 years to make sure everything is installed correctly and to make sure you are on the best electricity deal for those 3 years. This is all part of making sure our customers get zero energy bills hassle free.

Under the energyFit Premium service we can also arrange for low cost finance so you pay nothing upfront and we make sure the loan repayments are less than the bill savings, so you are never out of pocket.