Welcome to energyFit Homes!

  • Are you concerned about your energy bills?

  • Is your home cold in the winter and hot in the summer?

  • Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?

  • Confused about how possible upgrades and appliances could impact bills, comfort and CO2 footprint?

  • Worried that upgrades will cost you more than they save you in the long run?


energyFit wants to help Australian’s get their energy bills to zero without a huge upfront cost. With such a range of options it can be hard to know where to start and what the best option for your home is. Double glazed windows? Solar PV?

This is where energyFit comes in. We take all of the options available to you and deliver a tailored set of solutions specific to your home. We want to minimise upfront cost and maximise savings.

energyFit can help you achieve:

  • $0 Annual Energy Bill

  • A comfortable temperature for your home year-round

  • Zero carbon emissions for your house

Because every house and household is different, we build a customised whole-of-house energy design for every customer.  Our energy designs are carefully tuned to make your better off financially. We only recommend changes where the cost of an upgrade will be “cash-flow positive from day one”.

How do we create a whole-of-house energy design for you?

The first step is to model your house in our software. For this we take measurements of every room, door, window, roofline, the orientation, shading, and of course your climate zone. We also include the ‘fabric’ of your house – floors, walls, roof, glass in the windows, insulation, and other building features. Finally, we include all of your existing major appliances, including solar panels. 

The second step is to learn about your household – who lives in and uses the house. Part of this is to find out how you use the house which includes hours of the day someone is at home, preferred temperature, hot water usage, and anticipated future changes such as addition to the household (kids, pets, etc.).

The third step is where our engineering and technical skills kick in. Having modeled the house and household in our software, we run many (3 to 4 million) simulations of the energy use and production for every hour of the year. Each simulation tests a unique combination of the possible changes that could be made, and produces an outcome in terms of annual energy bills and carbon emissions, having taken account of your climate zone, your house, and your household. 

How accurate are we?

  • 99% accurate on solar generation

  • 98% accurate on hot water costs

  • 95% accurate on heating and cooling

We test our expected simulations outcomes against real world outcomes. If you choose our full service we can also organise quotes and installation, plus monitor your energy use and electricity price options for 3 years while you enjoy the comfort of your energy efficient home and save money. We want you to have zero cost energy bills, completely hassle free.

We make sure you don’t overpay for options that you don’t need and you get the best possible value for your home. You pay us – we work for you. In the first year of our service we typically save you double the cost of our fee.

Why Choose energyFit?

We are independent

We won’t take commission from anyone, so you know our recommendations are only in your interest.

We get your bills to zero

By helping you to choose the best options for you and making sure all appliances and solar PV works together, we can really reduce your bills. In fact, most of our customers actually start making money rather than paying bills.

We make sure you are never out of pocket

We can connect you to low cost finance which means you pay nothing upfront and the monthly bill savings are greater than the loan repayments, so you are cash flow positive from day one.

We reduce the cost of installation

Although we charge a fee we, still reduce your total upfront cost because we make sure you don’t install anything you don’t need. If you’re not using energyFit chances are installers are overcharging and installing systems that are too big or that you don’t need altogether.

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